Terms and Conditions

This agreement, with one party being the Epicurus.io platform (referred to as the “Contractor”) on one side, and any individual who has agreed to the terms of this agreement (referred to as the “Customer”) on the other side, collectively referred to as the “Parties,” and individually as a “Party,” establishes this Agreement, referred to as the “Agreement.” It is directed towards an unrestricted number of individuals, and it formally represents a public offer by the Contractor to enter into a Service Agreement with any Customer. By placing orders and making payments for the Contractor’s services, Customers are acknowledging their acceptance of the terms of this Agreement as stated herein.


1.1 This Agreement is established through the Customer’s complete and unconditional consent (acceptance) to the Agreement in its entirety, without requiring the Parties to sign a written copy of the Agreement.

1.3 The Customer affirms having fully acquainted themselves with and agreeing to all the terms and conditions of this Contract through their acceptance.

1.4 Any of the following actions shall constitute an acceptance of this public offer Agreement: - Registration of the Customer on the Contractor’s Website and placing an Order for the Contractor’s services at https://epicurus.io/; - Payment for the Contractor’s services according to the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement and on the relevant pages of the Contractor’s Website at https://epicurus.io/; - Written notification (including electronic communication via email) from the Customer, confirming acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, sent to the email address provided on the website https://epicurus.io/.

1.5 By entering into this Agreement, the Customer automatically acknowledges their complete and unconditional acceptance of the provisions of this Agreement, the service prices, and all attachments that constitute an integral part of the Agreement.

1.6 If the Customer disagrees with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, they are not entitled to enter into or utilize the services provided under this Agreement.


2.1 “Public Offer Agreement” means the Public Agreement, the template of which is available at https://epicurus.io/.

2.2 “Acceptance” means the provision by the Customer of full and unconditional consent to enter into this contract in full, without the need for the Parties to sign a physical copy of the contract.

2.3 “Services” means a single service or combination of services provided by the Contractor and specified by the Contractor in the relevant section of the Contractor’s website at https://epicurus.io/.

2.4 By “Customer” is meant any capable natural person, legal entity or individual entrepreneur who has visited https://epicurus.io/ and accepted this Agreement.

2.5 The “Contractor” means a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur offering services.

2.6 Order" means a properly executed application of the Customer sent to the Executor in order to receive the Services.


3.1 The Contractor commits, in accordance with the conditions laid out in this Agreement, to deliver the Services to the Customer, while the Customer commits, in accordance with the conditions specified in this Agreement, to receive and remunerate the requested services.

3.2 Both the Customer and the Contractor affirm that this Agreement does not represent a simulated or deceptive transaction, nor was it entered into under the influence of coercion or deception.


4.1 The Contractor is obligated to: - Abide by the stipulations of this Agreement. - Deliver services to the Customer of satisfactory quality. - Impartially convey to the Customer information about the Services and the terms of their provision, as found on the website https://epicurus.io/.

4.2 The Contractor possesses the following privileges: - Independently suspend the provision of services under this Agreement if the Customer breaches the terms and conditions of this Agreement. - Exercise other rights as per the existing legislation and this Agreement.


5.1 The Customer shall:

  • Timely pay for the ordered Services under the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
  • Familiarize himself with the information about the Services placed on the Executor’s website.

5.2. The Customer has the right to:

  • to place an Order for the services specified on the relevant page of the website https://epicurus.io/;
  • to demand from the Contractor to provide the Services in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
  • other rights in accordance with the current legislation and this Agreement


6.1 The Customer is responsible for initiating an order, which can be done independently on the relevant page of the website https://epicurus.io/. This involves either completing the order form or adding services to the virtual shopping cart by clicking on the appropriate buttons like “Add to Cart,” “Open,” or “Purchase”.

6.2 The processing duration of an order by the Executor is a maximum of 3 (three) business days commencing from the moment the order is placed. In instances where the order is submitted on a weekend or public holiday, the processing timeline begins on the first working day following the weekend or holiday.


7.1 The price of each individual Service is determined by the Executor and is explicitly stated on the relevant page of the website https://epicurus.io or within the contract executed when obtaining the service.

7.2 The Customer is responsible for remitting payment for the Contractor’s Services as per the terms specified in this Agreement. The Parties mutually consent that the service cost, as denominated in USD/USDT and as displayed on the respective page of the Website https://epicurus.io, shall be the amount paid by the Customer.

7.3 Payment for the services can be effected via:

7.3.1. Transferring funds to the Contractor’s account, or

7.3.2. Utilizing alternative payment methods (payment systems) as listed on the Executor’s website.

7.4 The moment when payment for services is considered complete is upon the crediting of funds to the current account of the Executor.

7.5 Payment for services is to be made by the Customer within 3 (three) banking days from the issuance of the relevant invoice by the Contractor.

7.6 The Customer is responsible for personally and at their own expense settling the service costs of third parties, as required for the receipt of the Contractor’s services under this Agreement (such as internet access services and others).


8.1 Should either Party fail to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement or do so inadequately, the Parties will be held accountable in accordance with the prevailing legal framework.

8.2 Any disputes arising from or connected to this Agreement will be addressed through negotiations between the Parties.

8.3 The Contractor cannot be held responsible for the inability to provide or the improper provision of services to the Customer if the Customer has not received these services. Furthermore, the Contractor is exempt from liability in cases where such circumstances have arisen through no fault of the Executor. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, events or situations that arise through the fault or negligence of the Customer, third parties, or force majeure events.


9.1 The Parties will be absolved of responsibility for any inability to fulfill or inadequate fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement if such circumstances result from a force majeure event.

9.2 In this Agreement, force majeure circumstances encompass any situations that occur beyond the will or in opposition to the will or desire of the Parties, which are unforeseeable and unavoidable. This includes, but is not restricted to, military actions, civil disturbances, epidemics, blockades, earthquakes, floods, fires, as well as decisions or directives issued by the public authorities of the Customer’s state of residence or the state of residence of the Contractor. Such decisions or directives may impose additional obligations or restrictions on the Parties (or one of the Parties) that render the fulfillment of the Agreement impossible or impose other actions or events that have arisen beyond the control of the Parties.

9.3 If a force majeure event continues for more than 3 (three) consecutive months, each Party is obligated to perform the Agreement either in full or partially. In the event that this is not achievable, each Party retains the right to cease further fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement, and in such circumstances, neither Party will be held liable.


11.1 Each Party assures the other Party that it possesses the requisite legal capacity, as well as all the rights and authority needed to enter into and fulfill this Agreement in accordance with its stipulations.

11.5 By accepting the Agreement, the Customer willingly grants consent for the collection and processing of their personal data for the following purposes: to utilize the data for commercial objectives, which encompass receiving information about the order and processing related information, conveying advertising and special offers via telecommunication means (such as email and mobile communication), as well as furnishing information regarding promotions and other details about the activities of the website https://epicurus.io/. In cases where the Customer prefers not to receive information regarding the website https://epicurus.io/, they have the option to notify the Contractor of their wish to abstain from receiving advertising materials. This can be accomplished by composing a statement of refusal to receive advertising materials and forwarding it to the postal or email address of the Contractor.

11.6 The Contractor assumes no liability for the content and credibility of the information supplied by the Customer while placing an Order. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the details submitted when making an Order.

11.7 The Customer is granted the privilege to use the Executor’s services exclusively for their internal activities, with no entitlement to transfer or assign them to third parties.

11.8 Both Parties are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained through the execution of this Agreement. Exceptions can be made if one Party obtains written authorization from the other Party or if it’s mandated by state authorities in accordance with existing legislation. Breach of confidentiality obligations will render the liable Party subject to legal action in compliance with the current legislation.

11.10 The terms and conditions of this Agreement and its attachments, which are an integral part of the Agreement, will be autonomously established by the Contractor in accordance with the prevailing legislation. The Contractor retains the right to autonomously modify and/or supplement the terms and conditions of this public contract and its attachments, including the regulations pertaining to the provision and receipt of services. In such instances, the Contractor assures and confirms that the most recent version of the text of this Agreement and its attachments, as posted on the Contractor’s website, along with the regulations governing the provision and receipt of services under this Agreement, shall be deemed valid.

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