General Risk Warning

1. What is the proper way to understand this Risk Warning?

All the terms employed in this notification, which are explicitly defined in the Terms of Use (referred to as the “Terms of Use”), carry the same significance and are structured in the same manner as outlined in the Terms of Use.

2. Services

This notice provides you with information about the risks associated with the Services. Each of the Services has its own distinctive risks. This notice provides a general description of the risks associated with your use of the Services.

3. Absence of Individual Guidance

We do not offer personalized guidance concerning our offerings. On occasion, we may furnish factual data, details regarding transaction processes, and insights into potential risks. Nonetheless, the decision to employ our products or services rests with you. No communication or information disseminated by is meant to be, or should be regarded as, investment advice, financial counsel, trading recommendations, or any other form of guidance. It is your sole responsibility to assess whether any investment, investment strategy, or related transaction aligns with your individual investment goals, financial situation, and risk tolerance.

4. Absence of Surveillance does not function as your broker, intermediary, agent, or consultant, and it does not hold any fiduciary association or responsibility towards you in relation to any trades, decisions, or actions you perform while utilizing Services. We do not oversee whether your utilization of Services aligns with your financial aspirations and goals. It is your responsibility to evaluate whether your financial means are suitable for your financial dealings with us and to gauge your risk tolerance concerning the products and services you choose to utilize.

The tax implications associated with Digital Assets are uncertain, and it is your responsibility to determine your potential tax liabilities and how they apply when engaging in transactions through the Services. You are accountable for reporting and remitting any taxes that may arise from your use of the Services, and you acknowledge that does not offer legal or tax advice regarding these transactions. If you have any uncertainties about your tax status or obligations while using Services or in relation to the Digital Assets held in your account, it is advisable to seek independent counsel. You recognize that, as mandated by relevant regulations, may be required to furnish information concerning your transactions, transfers, distributions, or payments to tax authorities or other governmental entities. Likewise, as dictated by applicable law, may withhold taxes pertaining to your transactions, transfers, distributions, or payments. Applicable legislation may also necessitate to request additional tax information, certifications, or documentation from you. Failure to respond to these requests within the specified timeframe may lead to withholding taxes, which will be remitted to tax authorities in accordance with relevant laws. It is strongly advised that you consult with professional tax advisors and assess your personal tax circumstances before engaging in any digital asset transactions.

6. Risks Associated with Market Fluctuations

Trading in Digital Assets carries substantial market risks and is susceptible to price volatility. The shifts in value can be substantial and may happen swiftly and unexpectedly. It’s important to note that historical performance is not a dependable predictor of future performance. The worth of an investment can both rise and fall, and it’s possible that you may not recover the initial amount you invested.

7. Risk of Limited Liquidity

Digital assets might exhibit restricted liquidity, which could create challenges or even render it infeasible to sell or close a position at your preferred time. This circumstance can materialize at any point, including during sudden and substantial price swings.

8. Charges and Costs

The commissions and fees associated with our services are detailed in the product contract you are utilizing. reserves the right to periodically revise fees and charges at its discretion. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with the full list of fees and charges that pertain to your specific situation, as these costs will impact the gains you derive from your utilization of Services.

9. Risk of Service Availability

We cannot provide assurance that Services will be accessible at any specific time, or that they will not experience unforeseen service interruptions or network congestion. Consequently, there may be instances when you are unable to engage in the purchase, sale, storage, transfer, sending, or receipt of digital assets when you desire. Different nations have legal stipulations that could limit the range of products and services can legally offer. As a result, certain products, services, or functions of the platform might not be accessible or may face restrictions in particular jurisdictions or regions, or for specific users. Additionally, any promotions, user contests, or similar initiatives may not be accessible to, and are not intended for, users subject to such restrictions. Users are responsible for staying informed about and adhering to any limitations or prerequisites regarding access and use of the Platform and Services in each jurisdiction from which they access or on behalf of which they access the Platform and Services. retains the prerogative to alter, adjust, or introduce additional restrictions on access and usage of the Platform and/or Services as it deems fit, without prior notice.

10. Risk Associated with Third Parties

The provision of Services may involve the participation of third parties, including payment providers, custodians, and banking partners. Your relationship with these third parties may be subject to their respective terms and conditions. It’s important to note that is not responsible for any losses that you may incur due to the actions or services of these third parties. cannot completely eliminate all security risks. The security of your Account password is your responsibility, and you may be held accountable for all transactions conducted through your Account, whether or not you authorized them. It’s crucial to understand that transactions involving Digital Assets may be irreversible, and losses resulting from fraudulent or unauthorized transactions may not be retrievable.

12. Risks Associated with Digital Assets

Given the inherent characteristics of Digital Assets and their underlying technologies, several inherent risks exist, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Flaws, imperfections, hacks, exploits, errors, protocol failures, or unforeseen circumstances that may arise concerning a Digital Asset or the technologies and economic systems upon which the Digital Asset relies.
  • The irreversible nature of transactions involving Digital Assets, which means that losses resulting from fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable.
  • The possibility of technological advancements rendering a Digital Asset obsolete.
  • Potential delays leading to transactions not settling on their originally scheduled delivery date.
  • Threats directed at the protocol or technologies underpinning a Digital Asset, including, but not limited to: i. distributed denial of service; ii. sybil attacks; iii. phishing; iv. social engineering; v. hacking; vi. smurfing; vii. malware; viii. double spending; ix. majority-mining, consensus-based, or other mining attacks; x. misinformation campaigns; xi. forks; and xii. spoofing.

13. Risks Associated with Surveillance

Digital Asset markets operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and swift price fluctuations can happen at any moment, even beyond regular business hours.

14. Risks of Communication

When you engage in electronic communication with us, it’s important to understand that electronic communications can experience failures, delays, potential lack of security, or may not reach their intended recipients.

15. Impact of Currency

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates will have an effect on your profits and losses.

Alterations in laws and regulations have the potential to significantly influence the value of Digital Assets. This risk is uncertain and can differ between different markets

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